Lunar Living 



From our earliest times, Ancient people have looked to the sky for guidance. The Magick and mystery of the Moon has enchanted and fascinated for millennia.

In our modern culture, people are busy looking at a screen not up at the sky and many have lost their connection with the natural flow of life.


The ocean's tides know the power of the Moon and so can you!

With minimal time and investment, you can learn how to use the energies that are available to us in a way that is practical and useful.

 -Practical Magick-  


By getting in alignment with the natural rhythms and cycles, you will  become empowered and gain faith and trust in life.  


Our virtual circle will meet monthly to discuss, learn and share in the Lunar energies.  Together we will create a spirit tribe of Magickal MoFo's.  

Can't make it? No problem!!

 As a Magick Moon Circle Member, you will receive via email all of the tools and support you need to start empowering yourself and manifesting with the cycles of the Moon. You'll learn about the energies of each Lunar cycle,  which part of your life will be the focus of the month and what to manifest. 

****Being a member of this group also gets you discounts on other  services.and events.



 email me or call 856-624-4193